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Bring a meeting to Canada
Why Bring a Meeting?
Why Bring a Meeting

“As Ralph Waldo Emerson remarked, ‘man's mind, once expanded by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions’. Nowhere is this truer than having co-chaired a major international symposium; despite the stress and hours or work involved, yes, in the end, it was worthwhile on both professional and personal levels.”

Kim Stefaniuk, BSP, RPEBC, Oncology Pharmacy,
Cancer Care Ontario
Co-chair of the
8th International Symposium on Oncology Pharmacy Practice (ISOPP)


As a person who belongs to a national or international association or society or federation and has the desire and commitment to be the chair of the local organizing committee (a volunteer position), YOU are the key to winning the bid and bringing the meeting to Canada.

Once the bid is won, as conference chair or co-chair, besides the tremendous personal satisfaction and sense of achievement, you will also accomplish:

  • Increasing the exposure and elevating the stature for your organization and your career. For examples, click here to read past conference chair testimonials.
  • Drawing the world’s (or part of the world’s) attention to timely provincial and national topics and areas of discussions in your field or industry.
    Click here for an example

    Drawing the World's Attention

    At the time when the 23rd International Conference on Offshore Mechanics and Arctic Engineering took place, the topic of the offshore moratorium (placed on the West Coast of British Columbia by the Federal Government), was a hot topic of debate, and the conference drew federal and provincial government and media interest. In fact a conference within a conference was created to address the topic and to attract local interest, which increased attendance.
  • Setting up networking social events that permit idea exchange and the sharing of best practices in settings that showcase your city and/or country.
    Click here for an example.

    Social Networking

    Holding one of the conference’s social events at your place of work, if space and logistics allow, provides an opportunity to showcase your organization to your colleagues from around the world. For example, if you are a professor at the University of British Columbia, you might consider holding the final banquet at the Museum of Anthropology or a concert at the Chan Centre for Performing Arts.
  • Being host to your friends and colleagues from around the world

In addition to the above, your efforts as Conference Chair or Co-Chair will have a much bigger impact than on just your career and your organization. It will make a significant economic impact, not only to the city where the conference is held but also on the surrounding destinations, when attendees participate in pre and post conference tours. Find out what the economic impact is of meetings in Canadian cities where international meetings are held.

All sounds like a lot of work? Click here for who will help you do the work.

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